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Eyeglasses Frame Shapes
Eyeglasses are not just a tool for correcting vision anymore. They have morphed into a fashion accessory and a statement piece about a person's personality. The shape of your eyeglass frames can be a key to choosing a perfect frame. With the right frame shape, you can refine the shape of your face just like makeup. Acelool has a large selection of eyeglasses for you to pick and try.
Rectangle Glasses
Rectangular frames have long been popular with eye wearers. This type of frame features more angular and rigid lines that soften the softer lines of the face, complementing the lack thereof. If the frame is large, it can also cover the oversized face, reducing the proportion of the face, which means a very strong modification effect. When worn, square shaped glasses have a sensual aesthetic that is suitable for many young men and women. Overall, the square frame shape gives a more intellectual and sensible look. Business people especially can wear them to show their wisdom and shrewdness. We offer rectangular glasses frames for men, women and children.
Oval Glasses
The shape and the lines of the oval frame are relatively soft, smooth and the overall sense of delicacy. It has the characteristics of modifying the angles of the face and softening the face. It can match professional clothes or casual clothes. When wearing it you will look gentler and sweeter. It's ideal for most face shapes.
Round Glasses
Round glasses feature round frames and a simple design, giving a strong vintage look. If you like retro style, you should have round glasses. They are the most characteristic samples of the classic old times while representing a new trend in vintage style. Wearing it people will look cute and innocent. Round frames are a good choice for people with square, rectangular or oval faces.
Cat eye glasses
The design style of cat eyeglasses, no matter what frame type, is particularly able to show the feminine temperament. No wonder it becomes a must-have fashion item for goddesses! A pair of stylish cat-eye sunglasses is not only the favorite of celebrities, but also the most fashionable accessory that girls want to have. That's why cat-eye glasses have been popular to date and become a classic. Cat-eye frames are perfect for women with square or diamond faces.
Square Glasses
Square glasses are delicate and suitable for any occasion. Square glasses offer the angular shape to offset more round facial features. It is ideal for people with round and oval faces.
Aviator Glasses
Aviator glasses are characterized by lightweight and slim frames with a slightly round shape. It also features a vintage look. The frames themselves hold a rigid beauty, which is right in line with the new interest in fashion nowadays - following the genderless trend. With a classic silhouette, aviators fit almost any face shape.
Browline Glasses
Browline glasses are constructed in such a way that the upper part of the frame is thicker than the lower part. From a distance, they seem like willow eyebrows, creating a very pleasing look. This vintage style looks as fresh today as it did when it first appeared on the scene over 50 years ago. The ergonomic shape of the browline frame effectively reduces the pressure of the frame on the face and provides greater comfort. The style is simple and elegant, reflecting the personal taste of the wearer.
Polygon Glasses
With fashionable outlooks and angular designs, polygonal frames can be good face dressers. They are suitable for both women and men with different personalities. In addition, they are most suitable for long faces, followed by melon, triangular and round ones. More often they can be used as sunglasses as well as fashion items.
Horn Glasses
Horn frames are classic choices for men's prescription glasses and sunglasses that are stylish and popular. They look bold on the wearer's face. Also, they can better flatter the contours of the face.